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In today’s world every business needs a web site. Period. If your business doesn’t have a website you are not competing effectively and are losing revenue to those that do.

Consumers expect businesses to have a website. Consumers are using other online services daily for banking, shopping, socializing, even to buy groceries. If your products and services are not available online you are losing countless opportunities.

Studies have proven that having a website will attract new customers and improve customer loyalty which in turn increases profits. Consumers demand easy access to information and a convenient way to contact the businesses they are interested in. Imagine a potential customer searching in a telephone directory for a business that offers your product and services but you have chosen to have an unlisted business number. You would never do that would you? Not having a website in the digital age is the same thing.

A well designed website is paramount and should be an extension of your business. It is not enough to randomly appear in local online directory searches. First impressions count and if your competitor has a website for new customers to easily find information and initiate contact and you don’t, your business is now at a disadvantage. Providing up-to-date information online can mean the difference between earning a new customer or losing that customer to a competitor. Something as simple as offering a Contact Us form online can attract a new customer whose time is limited but you have now engaged them after hours. Offering existing customers convenient options will only improves customer relations and satisfaction. A website is an integral part of customer services.

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