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Website Design Process

Quilibet Media partners with you to study your business and learn about your products and services to begin the website design process. We’ll listen and ask questions until we have a thorough understanding of your needs and goals. Our team will take that information and devise a plan to be our roadmap for working together. We’ll ask for your involvement and feedback at each milestone to ensure our direction is the best for your business and you are happy with the results. We aim to become part of your team and continue taking your digital presence to the next level as your business opportunities grow.

This is the foundation of a good website design. Sitting down with you to learn your business is the only way to develop a deep understanding of exactly what you do and what your business needs are. Every business is as unique as the people that drive that business and the customer’s that support it. Knowing what your business goals are, if you have plans in place to achieve those goals, guides us on how we can help you to attain those milestones through the use of online tools. Who are your customers? How do you currently obtain most of your customers? What makes your business successful? Who are your competitors? What are your competitors doing that you think gives them an edge? How do you currently market your products and services?

Obtaining a working knowledge of your business is our first step in providing a working solution.

Quilibet Media will take a few days and many cups of coffee to review everything we learned in the Discovery phase. We’ll dive into our bag of tricks, analyze our findings and hammer out solutions. We’ll develop a plan to execute your web design and marketing efforts. We’ll come back to you with written documentation of our understanding of your project for your review and approval.

We’ll keep the technical aspect to a minimum unless you request otherwise. The Scope document will contain our recommendations for what features should be included in your website design, how they will work and how they will support your goals. When you are satisfied and approve our plan this document will be our road map to ensure we’re on the same page throughout the project and we move along quickly and smoothly.

This is the fun part. We’ll create branded website design mock-ups for you to choose from and represent your business style. You’ve worked hard to establish customer recognition and we want to reflect that in your website.

We’ll work with you to determine what type of website you want for your business. Should your website be colorful and fun, sleek and modern or would your target customer prefer a professional or minimalist design?  We’ll create an engaging website design and provide your customers a quick and simple path to finding the information they are looking for. We’ll implement features to encourage your customers to visit often and stay in touch and informed of your product and service offerings.

Don’t already have a logo? We can present a few designs for that as well.

Quilibet Media will deliver a site that is both visually appealing and functional for a premium user experience.

Now that we have a website design and a marketing plan Quilibet Media will put all those things together.

We’ll create a development area to host your new website design complete with new features and the content you’ve provided us. You’ll be able to preview the user and management experience, review content and request revisions.

As we offer premium website design services this is also the stage where we will implement site SEO and analytics, create a backup plan, install security features and perform browser testing for both desktop and mobile devices.

Before your website launches a member of the Quilibet Media team will train you and your staff on how to update your website and what your customer’s experience will be.

We’ll provide guides and reference materials so that you always have assistance at your fingertips. Of course, we are always a call away and ready to help. We offer monthly maintenance and content update services if you prefer.

Your site is ready and available to customers!

Now that your website is completed, you’ll be receiving your Quilibet Media client package. It is important to keep this package in a secure place. You’ll be provided with complete documentation pertaining to your hosting and email accounts plus copies of all design assets and licenses. This insures that you have complete control and ownership of your website. As part of the Quilibet Media client family you’ll also receive a monthly newsletter with tips and ideas to help keep your website growing and a useful part of your business.

Ready to start building your new business website?

Let us know you would like a website design proposal tailored to your business.

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