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7 Social Media Post Ideas For Small Business Owners

7 Social Media Post Ideas for Small Business Owners

Social media post ideas can be scarce. One of the most common questions I am asked when helping a small business owner build a greater social media following is, “What do I post on social media?” Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It’s hard coming up with something fresh and engaging when you have a business to run. Your posts don’t have to be perfect or award winners just sincere and of course, social.

Social Media Post Idea #1
Post a Video

Capture the daily goings on at your place of business. Videos get attention. This will help people get to know you and your team, not just what you’re selling. Everyone has a phone that captures video now, so you already have the required tools. A video for social media doesn’t need to be a professionally produced and edited award winning piece. It just needs to be friendly or interesting. Member of your team’s birthday, hitting a milestone, even acknowledging a regular customer. Share your day.

Social Media Post Idea #2
Shout Out to Your Local Community

Your business is part of what makes up your community. Interact. Share your support for a local community event. Congratulate the school’s winning team. Give a shout out to the deli you’re ordering lunch from. Don’t forget to like or follow their business or organization page first so you can tag them in the post and boost their social media reach too. Helping other is always good karma.

Social Media Post Idea #3
Use Your In-House Resources

Get your employees involved. Have a little friendly competition. Increase your social media reach and have a little fun at work. Create a post and ask your employees to share it with their social media network. Whoever get the most likes, shares and re-tweets gets a free lunch or gets to leave early on a Friday. All’s fair in love and war right?

Social Media Post Idea #4
Share Your Knowledge

In every business there’s a million little things you do or steps you take that you have learned from experience. Everyday questions your customers just ask in conversation. Use that, be helpful and share away. If one person asks a question chances are other people would like to know too. You’re an expert in something or you wouldn’t be in business, your topics are right there.

Social Media Post Idea #5
Snap Photos

Just like video snap a picture of your team having lunch, enjoying a holiday together, winning an award, interacting with your customers. Acknowledge an outstanding job by a staff member and tell the world about it.

Social Media Post Idea #6
Be Social

Is everyone in the office talking about a movie, TV series or book? Take the conversation online. Engage your customers. As a small business owner you have an advantage over the big brands of being a “real” person. Use it.

Social Media Post Idea #7
Support Your Charities

Does your business support any charities? This doesn’t mean you have to create a post tooting your own horn or solicit donations on your business pages, but you can simply bring awareness to the groups your supporting. Did you or your staff participate in a fundraising event? Was it successful? Did you have fun? Let others know. You don’t have to be pushy, just acknowledge and show you are not just about the business.

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