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You may have heard of WordPress as just a blogging tool, but WordPress is actually a powerful CMS (Content Management System) that offers your small business a powerful and cost effective web site solution. WordPress provides a complete range of solutions for creating and maintaining multiple web site types from informational brochure sites, to product launch sites, even to ecommerce sites.

We recommend using WordPress to our small business clients so that the end product is rapidly delivered and easy to use and integrate into their current business strategy and daily operations. WordPress delivers an enterprise level web solution without the enterprise level budget. Some of the great features of WordPress are:

  • Content Management – WordPress provides an easy to use interface for you and your staff to quickly respond to content updates. Creating a post or a page is as simple as writing an email or posting a Facebook status.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Properly implemented SEO is crucial and what drives new visitors to your web site. WordPress is built to provide excellent SEO right out of the box. In addition its’ CMS capabilities make keeping your web site fresh and up to date easy, which helps increase your site rankings in the major search engines.
  • Social Media – Sites like Facebook and Twitter have evolved to become a centralized source of information for consumers. WordPress can seamlessly integrate with social media platforms which helps extend your we bsite’s messages without creating more work.
  • Extendable – There are thousands of free and low cost plugins to add features and enhancements to your website. Event calendars, customer surveys, newsletters, auto-response emails, even shopping carts can be implemented without requiring high cost development.
  • Branding – Most businesses have a web presence today but too many remain outdated and are not conveying the right brand and image to the customer due to the restrictive costs of upgrading. WordPress is easily skinned with new designs and updates which insures future development will be quick, streamlined and still cost effective.
  • Hosting Support – WordPress hosting is easy to find and inexpensive. You’ll be able to take advantage of hosting packages from major providers like GoDaddy.com plus the email, backup and support plans included.

If you have questions regarding how utilizing WordPress for a new web site or to upgrade an existing web site can benefit the specific needs of your small business, give us a call at (914) 361-9325  or complete our Contact Request form. We welcome the opportunity to review what a WordPress platform site can do for you.


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