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The answer is yes, Social Media is necessary. Now more than ever before, consumers are using social interaction to make and talk about their purchasing decisions.  How many times have you logged in at a site like Facebook and learned of your friends and family members new purchases? Exactly.

Social Media users enjoy being part of a group, of a community. A community watches out for each other and helps you to make tough decisions. Followers of your social media profiles will comment on and share your content with their connections. This is the new “word of mouth” and you need to participate.

Social Media is an easy way to create a following of your brand. Users of Social Media can easily determine if you have a large following, what others think about products they have purchased from you, if your company is reliable and customer service oriented. Many consumers will search on Facebook or Twitter for a business instead of a search engine to locate your website.

Social media has become an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more times your content is shared the higher your site rankings will be. A website alone is no longer sufficient to attract customers on the internet.

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